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Whether you are seeking Christian fiction, step-by-step instructions to get unstuck or biblical direction for finding answers to the biggest questions in life, explore Cristi Schroeder’s fiction and nonfiction writing. Every word is crafted to help readers make a lasting difference while enjoying godly fulfillment that can only be found in Christ.



Cristi’s young adult novel is sure to entertain, inspire and equip you in your pursuit of God’s best plans

Coming in 2024



Learn the 4-part framework sure to help you live every day with purpose, no matter your circumstances

Coming in 2024



Discover more about God’s purpose and your calling while learning about novel writing and ministry leadership

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What is god’s Will?

I asked God what I should do, and He answered, “Write.”

As I was pursuing God’s purpose using the life-changing strategies and truths that I share in my books and my courses, I heard Him speak to directly to my spirit. 

Again and again, God whispered, “WRITE.”

My hope is that as I obey God’s calling and write, these words will inspire you in your search for God’s best.   

-Cristi Schroeder



“What am I supposed to do with my life, Lord?”

If you or someone you love has been asking this question, Cristi can help!

You know that feeling when you put down a novel and realize you’ve learned about yourself, God and others? When you discovered more than you ever expected from a fictitious story?

Cristi Schroeder’s young adult novels pair biblical truths with mental health tools, offering stories that entertain, equip and encourage readers of all ages in their searches to find answers to life’s biggest questions. 

What is God's Plan?

Figuring out God's Will Shouldn't Be So Hard

 Here's a glimpse at the 4 part framework designed to help you live with purpose, no matter your circumstances

Prepare with God

Connect with God in effective and rewarding ways.

learn about yourself

Understand Whose you are and who you are.

ask others

Find and receive the support you need.

nurture your relationships

Invite God, self and others into your story for lasting impact.

“We want answers and specifics.

God wants relationship.”

Cristi Schroeder, purpose guide


Purpose Plan

When we look at the great commandments to love God and love others as ourselves, we discover God’s best plan for living. Dive into these foundational principals and understand how relationships are essential to experiencing impact, meaning and fulfillment.

Prepare with god

learn about yourself

ask others

nurture your relationships


Resources & Relationships

Get to know God’s truths, psychological insights and your favorite Purpose Guide- all sure to help you live with purpose!

Read for Spiritual Maturity

Read for personal development

read for relational health

read for Meaningful impact

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