Navigate seasons of change with confidence.

I'll help you discover your purpose so you can make wise decisions to enjoy a life of meaning, fulfillment and impact.

Cristi Schroeder Find Your Purpose

New seasons spark New questions: 

* What should I do?
* Who am I?
* Where do I fit?
* Why am I here?
* How will I figure this out?


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Hello, Sweet One.

What’s changing for you? 

I equip women like you to make that “messy middle” between endings and new beginnings a lot less frustrating!

Through written and spoken words, I share what I’ve learned over two decades of Christian ministry leadership and from my education in psychology to help women like you discover your purpose, clarify your calling and experience godly fulfillment and impact.

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Have you been trying to figure it out on your own?

You were never meant to navigate these decisions by yourself.

I would love to help! 

Using my signature Purpose PLAN Framework, you’ll sense God’s grace over every step forward, in no time! 

And, yes! Everything I share is rooted in Biblical truths to help you walk in clarity through all the transitions to come.


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When you don’t know what to do, the best place to begin is the Word of God. This pdf offers 8 scripture cards paired with 8 easy action steps to get you unstuck and moving in the right direction. 

Face transitions with confidence

Graduations. Career navigations. Family additions. Home situations. Births. Deaths. Empty nests. Retirements. Evolving commitments. Fresh starts. Moving parts. Different pages. New phases. Not to mention… all the other people’s changes!

Getting clear on God’s purpose for your life will make every decision easier. 

Stop living in uncertainty

Discover Your Purpose.

Don’t miss out on God’s best plans. It would be my honor to offer you guidance.
Don’t waste another day feeling discontent and unfulfilled.