Hi! i’m Cristi!

I’ll help you turn uncertainty about your future into godly confidence.

I’m a multi-passionate christian woman

As a wife, mom, pastor, writer, speaker, clarity coach, entrepreneur, artist, and more…

My many interests have caused me to spend many-a-day trying to figure out answers to questions like:
“What should I focus on?”
“What I am supposed to do, next?”
“What does God have planned for me?”

The good news is: my overzealous desire for new experiences has given me lots of practice navigating seasons of change!

I don’t want you to spend another ounce of energy slogging through the mud of indecision, lost in the weeds of uncertainty.

That’s why I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned about getting clear on God’s direction while experiencing more peace & joy, all along the way.

Transitions are a certainty

You’ve heard the phrase, “Change is the only constant.” But, just because you lack understanding about the next season of life doesn’t mean you are bound to live every day in confusion, before the answers come.

There will be too many seasons of change in your life to waste another day frustrated!

I’m so thankful that when we follow God’s commandments and live in His ways, that we can face times of uncertainty with a smile.  


Trade uncertainty for confidence,
confusion for clarity and
frustration for fulfillment. 

I’m my passion to help women & teens live with purpose and pursue God’s design for living.

as a Licensed christian pastor

I will always point you to Jesus and offer ideas for fostering a relationship with God. No matter where you are in your faith journey, I’ll encourage you towards spiritual maturity at the pace God leads you. 

As a Writer

I love offering written resources to help women find their purpose, clarify their calling and deepen their most important relationships (with God, self and others). Most of my non fiction and fiction works focus on these themes. 

As a speaker

Conferences, retreats, summits, podcasts, churches, non-profits, colleges, book clubs & more…  I’m eager to speak about God’s purpose, calling and about nurturing relationships in order to make a meaningful impact in the world.

As a clarity coach

I invite you to take the Purpose PLAN Course, sure to help you live more confidently in the purpose of God, even before you figure out your specific calling for the next season. Dive deeper and go even further with clarity coaching.


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